Mignon Daubermann

Handmade Jewellery


Creations and Achievements


Current Jewellery Exhibitions

Unique and dainty concrete jewellery are currently on display and for sale at Art Lovers 1932 in Waterkloof, Pretoria until 23 December 2016. These cement jewellery pieces truly make for an extraordinary Christmas gift. All pieces are handcrafted in sterling silver with grey and/or white cement. The concrete takes 30 days to set, which means a lot of forethought and love went into every jewellery piece. For more information, contact me on how to get your hands on these unique pieces.

Realistic Insect Jewellery

Influenced by the Victorian era of interchangeable jewellery, the Arts and Crafts Movement, along with the Art Nouveau naturalistic motifs, this collection is made of highly realistic insect jewellery that can be interchangeable in form and purpose. This range focuses on handmade insects with the colourpencil-on-metal technique. View the whole range at Gallery 

Concrete Jewellery

This statement jewellery collection is inspired by the human anatomy, mainly focused on our very own organic shaped bones. This range is derived from my winning PPC Imaginarium rings. This collection is handmade in sterling silver, oxidised concrete, and set with gemstones. View the whole range at Gallery. For more information on these concrete art pieces, contact me or view the pieces that are not yet sold at Art Lovers 1932 gallery.

Online Store

Visit my online store, MD Handmade jewellery, on HelloPretty for some of my signature pieces, such as the Sugar Ants and Tickey Earrings. Every piece is handmade in sterling silver. Custom-handmade jewellery can also be ordered from my store,or from me directly.

PPC Imaginarium 2015/16

One of South Africa's biggest design competitions, PPC Imaginarium is an annual competition for innovative cement designs in over 6 different art forms.
Winning the jewellery category and then the overall of PPC Imaginarium 2015/16 set my jewellery career in a new direction, where I could start my own studio, and focus on my passion for jewellery as wearable art. This competition also set in motion my love for concrete and incorporating it into my jewellery pieces. For more information on my winning pieces, please visit PPC Imaginarium's website