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I explore an extensive range of influences for my work but I'm mostly drawn to natural motifs and organic forms that are ethically found or photographed here in beautiful South Africa. As most of my family and friends know, I love insects and I'm mesmerized by their natural perfection which I recreate in my work. I use a variety of material and techniques to explore and create new collections. 


Currently based in Langebaan, South Africa, I received my B-tech in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing and a Masters degree in Fine Arts at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria. I am an award-winning jewellery designer, being a finalist in Plat Africa 2014 and Over-all winner of PPC Imaginarium 2015/16 which has launched my career in a new direction.

I love to create. I'm constantly designing and creating fine art jewellery pieces for new collections. I hope to share this passion and I found the best way to do so is to create everyday wearable jewellery pieces for my online business or to bring to life others unique commissioned creations. I love to add meaning to each creation or to incorporate your own meaning into your jewellery piece.


Jewellery Exhibitions 
2014 - Exhibited at Zakka, Duncan Yard, Pretoria 
2015 - Exhibited at Longstreet Art Lovers 1932, Pretoria gallery (December) 
2016 - Exhibited at Pretoria Art Association gallery (April) 
2016 - Exhibition at Longstreet Art Lovers 1932 (November-December)

2017 - Exhibition at Tinsel Gallery, Randburg (November)

2019 - Solo Exhibition of Indigenous Insect Collection at Longstreet Art Lovers 1932 (June - July)


2014 - N. Diploma Jewellery Design and Manufacture (Cum Laude) 
2014 - Finalist for PlatAfrica Design Competition. 
2015 - Featured in SHINE Magazine 2015/16 
2015 - B. Tech. Jewellery Design and Manufacture (Cum Laude) 
2016 - Jewellery category winner and Overall winner of PPC Imaginarium. 
2016 - Featured in Art Times (April edition) 
2016 - Featured in DEKAT (May/June edition) 
2016 - Back page feature in GARDEN AND HOME SA. (November edition)

2019 - Masters Degree: Fine Arts (Cum Laude)

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