All jewellery pieces are handmade by me with ethically sourced and quality materials. It can take me 7-10 working days to create an order and up to 3 weeks for custom orders. If there are any slight variations in shapes and sizes please remember that each piece is unique.


My jewellery is made from solid sterling silver, 9ct, 14ct or 18ct gold. All jewellery pieces will be stamped according to their metal. Sterling silver in South Africa is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper. Sterling silver naturally tarnishes with exposure to air and the environment, as well as from some perfumes, perspiration and lotions. Gold plated jewellery is sterling silver that has a layer of gold on top of the surface. The gold plated over silver is 18ct. Therefore gold plated jewellery will be found under the SILVER category. Gold plated jewellery naturally fades over time depending on the amount of wear and care taken after it. If you wish for your plated jewellery to be re-plated to look brand new after some years, please get in touch for more information.


All stones used are genuine. All stones are natural and might have a slight variation in size, colour and shape please take this as your own unique piece.


I create most of my jewellery to be functional and to be worn everyday but here are tips to help your jewellery last forever. Skin and hair products (lotions and perfumes), along with other chemicals, can tarnish silver and corrode gold and stones. Therefore it would be best to always remove all your jewellery before using any of these products. Please note that Chlorine can permanently change the colour of your gold, silver and plated jewellery so you should avoid wearing it in swimming pools.

Try not to get blackened silver (oxidised silver) or gold plated jewellery wet as these finishes come off more easily with water. It is also best to remove jewellery when exercising, or any outdoor activity such as gardening or hiking. Cleaning materials such as bleach will tarnish your silver so its best to remove your jewellery when cleaning. It is also advice to take of your jewellery overnight. Jewellery pieces should be stored separately to avoid scratching and rubbing against one another. Stones can scratch easily and some more than others. Damp and hot conditions will cause the jewellery to tarnish so try not to store your jewellery in the bathroom or near heating vents.

You can easily clean your jewellery by just rubbing the piece gently with a soft cloth, or the best option would be to visit your nearest jeweller to have your jewellery professionally cleaned and polished once a year. I also provide this quick service while you wait.


If you are not sure about your ring size you can visit your local jeweller (shop or mall) to find out, or alternatively visit findmyringsize.com or you are also welcome to size at my studio.

My ring sizes are as follows in South Africa and UK sizing:

X-Small : I and J
Small: K, L and M

Medium: N, O and P
Large: Q, R and S
X-Large: T and U

Ring sizes can also be half, e.g. "L 1/2"

Men ring sizes can go up to Z.

The bracelet chain:

16cm, 17cm, 18cm or 19cm. If the product states that the chain is adjustable, then the size will be 16cm to 18cm.

For necklace chains:

42cm, 45cm, 48cm or 50cm. If you are not sure, use a string and see what length you are the happiest with.

For bangle sizes:

Small (61mm),

Medium (63mm),

Large (65mm)

If the bangle is open ended, then they are slightly adjustable.

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