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Art Deco inspired Moss Agate and Tourmaline ring. Made from solid 9ct yellow gold.


Main Ring:

Moss Agate is approx. 10mm by 5mm elongated hexogan cut

Two 4mm by 2mm baguette cut teal Tourmalines

Band is 1.5mm wide


Moss agate is truly a gemstone unlike any other. It has a beautiful marbled green effect on its surface and has plenty of significant meanings attached to it. No two moss agate stones are the same, making each and every one unique. Green moss agate is so coloured because it’s a form of chalcedony that includes minerals of a green colour. When embedded in the stone, the minerals form filaments and various patterns that make it look as though moss is present. The base of the stone is usually clear or milky white, making the moss-like pattern all the more striking. One of moss agate’s properties is the fact that it is a fairly hard stone, which makes it perfect for everyday wear jewellery. It rates at a score of 7 on the Mohs Scale


Ring is ready to size and ship!

Moss Agate and Tourmaline Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold

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